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Welcome to the application for London Design Biennale 2023

For guidance on the application process, please download and read the application guidelines, which includes a step-by-step guide to filling out your application, ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and what the next steps are after completing your application.

You can also download the Prospectus which details all the benefits of taking part.

We will shortly be announcing the Artistic Director and Theme for 2023. Please bear in mind your contribution to London Design Biennale will need to respond to the Theme, so do check back in early 2022 for more details.

A. Applicant Details

Please specify if you are applying as an Embassy, institution, designer (either a design firm or an individual) or independent curator.
Please describe the type of organisation that you represent.
Participants can apply as a country, territory or city. Please specify here who you wish to represent.
Please insert your full name.
If you are applying on behalf of an organisation, company or body, please specify its name here. If you are a designer, please specify the name of your company.
Please specify your job title or role within the organisation named above.
Please insert your full telephone number inclusive of international country code and extension (if applicable). The London Design Biennale team may contact you at this number.
If you have a website which describes your activity and/or projects, please include it here.
If you answered no, can you tell us a bit about your plans to fund your project?
The following information is optional. Scroll down to submit your application and a member of the London Design Biennale team will respond to you. You can also contact us directly at to arrange an informal chat.

B. Additional Information (Optional)

If you are a designer or curator proposing a project, you can fill in the below sections to support your application. If you do not have a detailed design concept yet, you can still submit your contact details and an indication of your prospective project, and a member of the London Design Biennale team will be in touch to help guide your application.

Please include the name, role and contact details of the main team members involved. If you plan to hold / participate in an open call / competition, please specify here.
Please provide a brief description of your experience, highlighting any activities, exhibitions or projects that might be relevant to this application.
Please describe the organisation providing official sanction for your participation - if this has not yet been confirmed please indicate this here and outline your connections to the organisation. The Administering Body can be an Embassy, Cultural Institute, Ministry, National Museum, Design Council; it is possible to have more than one Administering Body.
If the Proposed Curator is not a member of the Design Team, please specify his/her name and contact detail here. If the Proposed Curator is affiliated to a cultural institution, please include its name in this section.
Please describe the proposed installation, specifically explaining how your project will address /engage / respond to the Biennale’s theme. (max 300 words)
Please attach ONE file which includes any imagery, sketches and/or floorplans that will help us to visualise your proposal. Please also include any estimated dimensions, weights and descriptions of individual or overall components if known at this stage. Files must be less than 2 MB.Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx.
Please describe how you anticipate the audience engaging with your installation (e.g. are they allowed to touch the works, do they take something away, do they observe / move through the piece).
Please outline your overall estimated budget for this project. The budget should include: Fees to design teams, material and production costs, project management and delivery, packing and shipping, Public & Products Liability Insurance (£10m required), permissions and copyright, lighting, installation and de-installation. Please also include in your budget the participation fee, which includes venue hire. Fees start at £10,000 and scale up depending on size and scope of your installation. Please note that VAT charge in the United Kingdom is 20%.
Please outline your ideas for funding sources and strategy, including any grants, donations, internal resources and/or sponsor support along with their projected cash flow.

Your information will be used in accordance with London Design Biennale’s Privacy Policy and for the purposes of communicating with you for London Design Biennale only. Your data will not be shared with third party organisations.

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