South Africa

Otium and Acedia

South Africa's installation, 'Otium and Acedia', celebrated liberation and playfulness as fitting statements of a country reborn from a convoluted, visceral history.

Porky Hefer designed a series of hanging nests in the form of animals, into which visitors could climb. The animals were fairly ferocious: aquatic predators such as the killer whale and the piranha whose gaping maws bristle with teeth. But Hefer's sub-aquatic utopia was also quirky and cheerful. For a country 'emerging' from its past struggles, a pervading sense of liberation and innocence took on an emboldened meaning alongside the theme of utopia.

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Photography: Bradley Lloyd Barnes


Administering Body:

Southern Guild


Porky Hefer


Trevyn McGowan

Julian McGowan

2016 Exhibitors