VRPolis, Diving into the Future

With thousands of sensors that monitor things such as air pollution, noise and temperature, the smart city of Santander uses technology to improve urban life and the environment.

Inspired by its success, 'VRPolis, Diving into the Future' asked what a smart city could be capable of 100 years from now. An immersive 360-degree virtual-reality film imagined how medium-sized towns of the future could harness new technologies to make improvements in the fields of energy, mobility, connectivity, habitat, architecture, water and waste. This project showed prospective and possible sustainable futures based on emerging trends. It was conceived as a practical tool that could play an inspirational role for inventors and innovators.

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Photography: Ed Reeve


Administering Body:

Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

Design Team:

Dimeloami Productions

María Levene


Maite Cantón

Supporting Bodies:

Viesgo; Santander City Hall

Official College of Cantabrian Architects (COACAN)


Experience powered by HTC VIVE

2016 Exhibitors