Welcome to Weden

'Welcome to Weden' rethought design and manufacturing on collaborative, artisanal grounds.

The name emphasised the 'we' in Sweden, and pointed towards a more inclusive future society - a 'wetopia'. The project promoted the strength of collaboration, inviting 15 designers and manufacturers to work together on different, more equal terms. The installation showed the result of these collaborations—design projects that pointed towards smaller-scale and non-hierarchical local production, with room for the artistic process. All parties shared the rewards as well as the risks. It presented an intriguing counter-strategy to the existing model of unethical, far-flung, large-scale mass production.

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Photography: Ed Reeve


Administering Body:

The Embassy of Sweden, London

Design Team:

Form/Design Center (Producer)

Katja Pettersson (Exhibition Architecture)

VarvVarv (Graphic Design)


Jenny Nordberg

Supporting Bodies:

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Swedish Arts Council

The Swedish Institute

Department of Culture, City of Malmö

2016 Exhibitors