Taiwan's installation, ‘Eatopia’, celebrated diversity in the pursuit of a utopian state and offered visitors a unique culinary experience in a tranquil forest-like setting.

In More's Utopia, a contented community eats lunch and dinner together every day, and food is always plentiful. These meals play a crucial part in creating the ideal society's strong social bond. For the Biennale, architect Rain Wu and designer Shikai Tseng rethought the utopian dining experience with a constructivist menu designed to explore the creative melting pot of Taiwanese identities. The installation engaged all of the visitors' senses, to refresh and provide 'food for thought'.

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Photography: Ed Reeve


Administering Bodies:

Chinese Institute of Urban Design, Taiwan


Design Team:

Rain Wu

Shikai Tseng,

Chung-Ho Tsai

Lydia Chang


Rain Wu

Shikai Tseng

Supporting Bodies:

Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan

Taipei City Government Cultural Division

World Design Capital Taipei 2016

RC Culture and Arts Foundation

Pasadena International Group

Stone & Resource Industry R&D Centre


Layer One Co. Ltd.

Milk Tea & Pearl

2016 Exhibitors