The Canadians – An Emotional Landscape

‘The Canadians – An Emotional Landscape’ took visitors on a cross-country journey through towns, villages, crossroads and coves whose names were inspired by emotions.

The inspiration for Bruce Mau Design’s installation was rooted in the powerful connection between Canada’s diverse landscapes and the range of emotions they produce—a connection that Canadians understand very deeply. The team were struck by the fact that so many places in Canada are named after emotional states – from Happy Adventure, Newfoundland to Hope, British Columbia by way of Love, Saskatchewan. “We began to realise that something powerful must be happening in these communities to produce this phenomenon,” said Hunter Tura, Chief Executive Officer of Bruce Mau Design.

Visitors were taken on a coast-to-coast journey, in which videos of epic landscapes were juxtaposed with more intimate stories narrated by the citizens that inhabit them. The gallery was walled on three sides with a 'forest' of mirrored tubes, creating a dynamic and almost infinite set of reflections, placing visitors in the heart of these sublime panoramas.

Bruce Mau Design aimed to tap into Canada’s natural diversity with focus on how the nation’s culture and emotional state is shaped by the vastness of its landscapes, from epic to intimate. “We want to create an emotional journey that shows the richness and complexity of Canadian life in the 21st century,” said Tura. “In a larger sense, we’re also interested in a greater consideration of the relationship we have with our surroundings, and how they make us feel.”

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Photography: Ed Reeve


Administering Body:

The High Commission of Canada in the UK

Design Team:



Rosanna Vitiello, Tom Keogh, Lauren Grudzinski, Luis Coderque, Michael Mavian, Raymundo Pavan, Sebastian Rodriguez, Wendy Robertson


Hunter Tura

Supporting Bodies:

British Council Canada, Facebook, Global Affairs Canada, ONEX

2018 Exhibitors