‘Aangan’ was a cascade of natural cotton garments that celebrated the craftwork of Pakistan’s female artisans.

Women constitute a major part of the half a million cotton pickers in Pakistan, the fourth largest cotton producer in the world and the textile industry is the largest employer of female workers in Pakistani manufacturing. This installation celebrated women’s pivotal, but largely unrecognised role throughout this industry. It showed the social context in which much of what we wear is made.

As a rising helix, Aangan comprised a cascade of garments hand-stitched and hand-embroidered by female artisans. Responding to the movement of the viewer the garments turned into a live canvas, with film projections revealing the human stories of the makers. “The garments will come alive with words, patterns and moving imagery, giving a glimpse into the inner world of the artisan as she crafts,” explained designer Mariam Majid. The stories that unfold were inherently emotional, she adds: “We want to celebrate these unsung heroes, as breadwinners, mothers and creators focused on their resilience, courage, tenacity and their emotional relation to their craft.” The aim was to invoke a similarly emotional response in the viewer: “Through imagery, sound design and the interactive experience we hope to engage the visitors in an immersive experience and to prompt compassion with the human story at the heart of it.”

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Photography: Ed Reeve


Administering Body:

Wagging Tongues Productions


Mariam Majid, Mehrbano Khattak, Ahmed Nasir


Abid Majid


Sikandar M Khan, Kaarvan Craft Foundation, Red Line Collection, Suniya Qureshi

Supporting Bodies:

British Asian Trust, Nishat Group, Sapphire, Guard Group, Rang Rasiya, Babar Ali Foundation, TDAP

2018 Exhibitors