Beatie Wolfe

From Green to Red

An Environmental Protest Piece Built Using 800,000 Years of Our Planet's Climate Data.

Art rebel Beatie Wolfe creates a stirring environmental piece about human impact on the planet, built using 800,000 years of historic NASA data. “From aken from the title of a song Wolfe wrote in 2006 after seeing ‘An Inconvenient Truth') tracks the impact of human behaviour on the planet, creating a stirring visualization of the CO2 concentration in the Earth’s atmosphere, and asks us the question is it too late to turn back?

Produced in collaboration with The Mill, Wolfe’s latest innovation reimagines the music video format (and protest song), taking the audience on a journey through the planet’s timeline.

“This piece is about re-presenting data in a way that people can literally see differently, using the power of art and music to make it evocative and relatable,” Wolfe says, “so that people can really get a sense of where we are right now.”

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Photography: Ed Reeve

Photography: Ross Harris



Beatie Wolfe

Production Partner:

The Mill

Supported by:

The Utley Foundation and Google