'Nostalgia' reflects on the loss of the natural resource of water. The interactive installation is a multidisciplinary project designed by Artist María Adela Díaz in collaboration with Composer and Musician Joaquin Orellana.

Nostalgia is conceived by artist and designer Maria Adela Díaz, exploring the idea of water as the almost incomprehensible paradigm between life and death. A handmade sound sculpture of rainsticks can be activated by visitors in the Guatemalan pavilion, co-creating an ever-evolving performance, coupled with an exclusive soundtrack by musician and composer Joaquín Orellana.

The acoustic installation allows the audience to connect with the fact that humans are jeopardising this natural resource. It suggests that perhaps our most important objective should be to keep water free and running through rocks, vegetation, wildlife and the atmosphere.

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Photography: Ed Reeve


Artist and Designer

Maria Adela Díaz

Musician and Composer of Bambuvento

Joaquín Orellana


Cecilia Santamarina de Orive, Cultural Attache Ad Honorem, Guatemalan Embassy UK

Organised by

Embassy of Guatemala in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Supporting bodies

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Guatemala, Olivero Bland Studio: Juan Olivero & Melissa Matta; Fundación Paíz, Punto Mandarina: Creative Director: Thelma Alvarez; Magnética Marketing: Digital Planner: Mónica García; Maíz de Vida. Special thanks to: Julio César Santos C, Amenhotep Córdova Santos, Jose Miguel Orozco Recinos,Alejandro Marré, Mendel Samayoa, Vallardo Díaz

2021 Exhibitors