Small is Beautiful

A mapping of ideas between ecology, sustainability and design. A view of India.

The India Exhibition 'Small is Beautiful' maps the many stories across the country that have sought to change the paradigm of the normative, and address head-on via inspiring solutions the armature of the natural ecological construct. Each story is a hero-story, a story of inventiveness, courage and community engagement. Each is fueled by a passion for a better India, and we dare say a future ecologically resilient India.

For example, when alternative Renewable Energy Resources such as wind and solar harvesting, reach critical mass, we can expect to see that it will be a large force ready to reckon with which will help us radically control CO2 pollution. Hence sustainably and safely enabling us to increase energy consumption per capita even as large scale urban migrations into our Indian cities.

The exhibition documents each such idea and believes in the power of inspirational advocacy, that the sum total of the collaborative ideas of India, your story and mine, is a crucial first step to building the ecosystem for large scale ecological change.



Nisha Mathew Ghosh

Administering body

Sustainability Idea Labs


The Mathew and Ghosh SustainableCreationCare Foundation

Creative & Communication Partner

 Sparrow Co. Monojit Ray, Maneesha Phatak, Mohan Sanda, Mayur Mengle

Digital Design & Support

Birad Rajaram Yajnik, Agency09

Brand & Social strategy

Oijo, Flint

Media partner



reetam Koilpillai and Manickdeep Masih

Art Installation Collaborators

Nisha Mathew Ghosh, Sandeep Sangaru, Soumitro GhoshPatron: Govt of Chhattisgarh, India

2021 Exhibitors