The Boiler Room

Israel's pavilion will explore the perpetual tension between Globalisation (Networking) and Nationalism (Capsularisation), how they overlap and ignite each other, leading us to an imminent boiling point.

While in the past decades the world has undoubtedly moved towards globalisation, breaking of stereotypes and barriers; in recent years we have witnessed a re-emergence of efforts to isolate nations and "re-ignite" a sense of national pride. Ironically, the very same entities that promote globalisation are those which amplify ultra-nationalism, thus stimulating a resonating, everlasting tension.

Social media makes an excellent example of that tension: while we are all linked together in the world's largest network, algorithms study us and filter our feed to comply with various variables. The overflow of information leads to apathy and confusion while social media's easiness has made us translate our ideologies into facile slogans.

The Boiler Room is a space of self-exploration which visualises global and local processes as well as the networks they form and suggests that any imbalance between the two may lead us to a boiling point.

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Photography: Ed Reeve

Photography: Taran Wilkhu


Design Team

Lior Kantor, Lealla Solomon, Osher Lapid, Noa Karmi, Barak Weizman, Roi Levin, and Oren Elgali.

Supported by

The David Azrieli School of Architecture at the David and Yolanda Katz Faculty of the Arts; Tel Aviv University; Embassy of The State of Israel to The United Kingdom; Nisko Group LTD, Yashar Architects; The Stanley and Marion Family Charitable Fund; Minesoft; LABS; STAY; America-Israel Cultural Foundation and Design Terminal Bat Yam.

2021 Exhibitors