'Terra' is the principal substrata of life and the foundation for a new sustainable way of living on our planet.

'Terra', which translates as ‘earth,’ is the world we live in, a world where we must now find a new balance to cope with the next global challenges. 'Terra' is also the principal substrata of life, and therefore the foundation for a new sustainable way of living on our planet. The solutions to many of the problems faced by our planet 'earth' can be found in the matter that for every population, at a precise moment in history, has been called home.With 83 million people adding to the world’s population every year, the challenge of our generation is to answer to the increasingly serious climate emergency, to the need for sustainable homes at Km0, and to the great global issue of the housing emergency that will have to be faced - particularly in the context of urgent crises generated, for example, by large migrations or natural disasters. Humans have demonstrated an incredible capacity to solve and evolve over many millennia.

'Terra' is a short movie that tells a story about humans and their capacity of adapting to the climate challenges making the most from the oldest material of history: earth; to look for a light in the darkness of tomorrow and, if necessary, to turn it on.From the pictures of Traditional Adobe Constructions by Photographer Iago Corazza and the research and design of Mario Cucinella Architects and the 3d printing technology of WASP, 'Terra' shows what can be accomplished if we mindfully combine our technical knowledge with learnings from the past, allowing the visitor to reflect upon how humans have developed the ability to build and develop resilient ecosystems, mindful of bioclimatic principles and the use of natural and local materials, and what lessons can be learned and applied to our precarious future.



Mario Cucinella


MC A - Mario Cucinella Architects

Collaborative 3D Printing Technology

WASP - World Advanced Saving Project


Italian Embassy


Iago Corazza

Video makers

Iago Corazza, Francesco Paolucci

2021 Exhibitors