Marco Perry Sound

Mighty Monks Transformative Audio (R)

A resonant audio visual experience in four parts. An opportunity for introspection, reflection, new awareness and hope.

"Using my ears and some imagination, I specialise in creating 3 dimensional audio visual experiences. As well as to raise consciousness and to entertain, I want my work to encourage communication, discussion and debate around culture, technology, art and science," says Marco Perry, London-based sound artist, designer and composer.

Mighty Monks have created an Immersive Transformative Audio Visual artwork which allows you to be fully inside it. Observing from within, the visitor becomes the first and third person simultaneously as the work evolves, making connections between each other in this brave new world. Realising the importance of the self within the whole, allowing visitors to resonate beyond ego.

Resonance Part One: Soul Trees

The souls of the "dearly departed,” our loved ones. Our friends & family are very much alive in spirit. Using a unifying "wave length" they speak to us individually and collectively, communicating with timeless wisdom. Tuning in to this unifying frequency, with detachment and clarity, the souls are shown to us as trees.

Resonance Part Two: Disruptive Harmony

Paths of our individual journeys are our thoughts gathered until we reach a point where we find the bridge between thought, emotion, and the reality of the world we inhabit. We come back safely from this meditation taking new insight forward with us in our daily lives.

Resonance Part Three: The Conflict Of Peace

A punk ballet. Somewhat discordant at times but looking for harmony. How do we resolve this conflict ? Observing our reactions to religions and and those of others, tuning the correct frequency for universal communication.

Resonance Part Four: C O M A 

Based on the true story of one mans journey into mind and soul whilst the body is collapsed on life support systems. To accept your breath is to accept your life. He allows this to happen and now has choices. He chooses the mission, breaking karmic wheels of accumulated pain & suffering, lifting veils of truth, finding beauty and Love.

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Audio Composition

Marco Perry & David Clayton, Mighty Monks

Motion Graphics

Dan Conway


Douglas Stokes


Anna Podolak

With thanks to

IOSONO technology by ENCIRCLED GmbH, Blue Elephant UK, Immersive Audio Ltd London, Felipe Viveros, Anna Podolak, Spy Austin