Nile Region

Lotus of the Nile

An Afro-futuristic, collaborative journey down the world's longest river that reminds us technology and nature are connected, and humanity depends on both.

The fully-digital experience has been developed by African creatives to show that 'together is better'. 'Lotus of the Nile' showcases the intimacy of tradition and culture through design, music and technology.

The Lotus represents rebirth in Egyptian culture and many others. The River Nile, which stretches along 11 African countries, has the shape of the Lotus flower, and has been a historical point of conflict. Visitors create their own African song to resonate with sounds composed by the musicians, together making the 'Lotus of the Nile'.

The designers have created a physical instrument based on traditional African string instruments such as the nyatiti (Kenya), udungu (Uganda) and masenqo (Ethiopia). Samples from the instrument are used for this digital experience.


Produced by

Nairobi Design Week

Creative Direction

Adrian Jankowiak

Design Lead

Adam Yawe

Music Lead

Gregg Tendwa

Creative Lead


Technical Leads

Felix Tao & Florian Poinsignon

Cultural Liaison

Lisa Kibutu


HaddinQ, Udulele John, Papillon, Michel Ongaro, Makadem


ebatuallah Hendawy, Hadia Roushdi, Ian Abraham

Supported by

Hivos & African Crossroads

2021 Exhibitors