Servaire&Co and Alter-Projects


Inspired by ‘In Search of Lost Time’ in Swann’s Way from Marcel Proust, Metronome aims to create a time bubble for visitors to reconnect with themselves, time and involuntary memories using their senses.

Metronome offers a multi-sensory experience that aims to trigger a combination of visual, olfactory and sound emotions, and plunge spectators into a meditative internal journey. The installation will create a symphony of sound and fragrance, offering a calming and reflective space in the aftermath of 2020’s intense disruption. 

Being able to awaken the senses without physically touching, Metronome stands as a proud testament to the importance of human and interpersonal reconnection, creating an emotional space where spectators can feel at peace with themselves and their time in space.

As an initiatory path, the visitor, will be invited to sit and experience their memories as an intimate resonance and a collective feeling. The olfactory emotion is amplified by an ASMR sound that plunges the visitor into an ultra sensory experience. 

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Photography: Ed Reeve



Anne-Laure Pingreoun / Alter-Projects

Lead Designer

Sebastien Servaire / Servaire&Co

Creative Director

Candido De Barros / Servaire&Co

Development Director

Gregory Sidoine / Servaire&Co

Technology Lead

Steve Lastro / 6Sides

Sound System Partners

K-array Audio Solutions and 2BHeard

Soundscape Designers


Manufacturing Partner


Press Office

Alpha Kilo