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Designing For Time

This exhibition features four creative research projects undertaken by members of academic staff at Kingston School of Art. These projects are unified by the notion of designing for, and with, time.

Each project is linked explicitly to one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, all of which seek to enable a more sustainable future. Time is something we are growing increasingly short of as we strive to address the unfolding impacts of global ecological change. We must therefore design routes to preferable futures in which we can collectively flourish. This requires full participation of communities, facilitated by design.

Designing for Time projects:

  • Fixperts by Daniel Charny, The Design School, Kington School of Art: A learner-centred, creative problem-solving and project-based learning programme

  • How to Build with Time – Learning from Bimanagar by Christoph Lueder, Inigo Cornago and Dan Ryder Cook, School of Architecture & Landscape, Kingston School of Art: An investigation into the strategies, tactics, techniques and negotiations that inhabitants of Bimanagar in Ahmedabad have used to transform their dwellings and develop their community (pictured right)

  • The Whispers of the Garden by Azadeh Fatehrad, The Design School, Kingston School of Art: Exploring the value of integrating architectural design through the gardens of the Bois des Moutiers estate.

Working with a global beauty brand to develop products and practices to enable circular consumer behaviour by Konstantinos Chalaris, The Design School, Kingston School of Art: An initiative that develops innovative product, packaging and retail designs that can contribute to delivery of the circular economy via a focus on enabling circular user behaviours.

Raising our Sustainability Literacy

The Design School at Kingston School of Art is the home of MA Sustainable Design, which welcomes designers of all backgrounds and disciplines seeking to raise our collective level of sustainability literacy.

The COO app by Fan Xuecun is designed to help us manage our CO2 emissions in daily life. We can foresee a future where our personal carbon emissions are capped, in which case we will need to be able to monitor and control the carbon intensity of our lifestyles, in the same way we do our cash spending. COO can be used to check your annual emissions history and carbon balance, and potentially earn and trade C-money as a reward for climate positive actions. The app takes carbon budgeting straight onto your smartphone.

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Photography: Ed Reeve



Maria Chatzichristodoulou; Anne Marie Fisker; Paul Micklethwaite; Mandy Ure


Anne Marie Fisker

Exhibition Design and Graphic Design:

Julia Sikorski

Stand Producer:

Osian Batyka-Berry,

With thanks to:

Steven Spier, Vice-Chancellor Kingston University London