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This display showcases four InnovationRCA companies creating sustainable, real-world solutions to ecological issues around global consumption, from reducing particle pollution and food waste to creating animal-free leather from pineapples.

InnovationRCA is the Royal College of Art’s award-winning centre for entrepreneurship, helping staff, students and alumni transform compelling ideas into successful businesses. To date it has invested in and built over 70 companies creating jobs, exports and profits.

The InnovationRCA community draws on diverse expertise, experience and interests, with start-up company founders graduating from across the Royal College of Art’s programmes. Through the application of rigorous research and design thinking, the InnovationRCA community is building towards a vision of an environmentally sound and socially equitable future.

Curated by InnovationRCA’s Director, Dr Nadia Danhash, this display features:

The Tyre Collective - a clean-tech company spearheading the capture and monitoring of tyre wear, accelerating the shift towards zero-emission mobility.

Piñatex by Ananas Anam - made from pineapple leaf fibre, Piñatex (pictured above) can be used as an alternative to leather and petroleum-based textiles, and is currently the only vegan and sustainable textile alternative to leather that is commercially available at scale.

FreshTag – an early stage start-up, FreshTag are developing a novel pH-sensitive colour coding system that accurately indicates real-time food freshness to reduce food waste, and can be used as biofilm packaging or ink on labelling.

BuffaloGrid – providing access to reliable, free electric charging for underserved energy users around the world, BuffaloGrid’s solar-powered device can charge 10 portable electronic devices simultaneously and provide free access to digital services.

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Photography: Ed Reeve



Nadia Danhash

Project Manager:

Rebecca Roper

Exhibition Design and Graphic Design: