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Quiet Garden

This installation has been developed with sustainability at its core and aimed to respond to nature’s resonance - a symphony of silence and sound. The magical sinuous play with light and shadow, nourishing a conversation.

Ruup & Form presents ‘Quiet Garden’ in collaboration with Naomi McIntosh, an interdisciplinary artist, living and working from Scotland. The ‘Quiet Garden’ is a contemplative installation consisting of suspended wooden sculptures drawing inspiration from natural elements.

The suspended wooden sculptures columns have no boundaries, allowing the viewer to see into and through the pieces, playing with the internal and external structure and using light to play with shadows. The materials can be skeuomorphic, looking heavy and solid at times, and light and lace-like at others. The installation is an interpretation of space, pattern, and movement through the relationship between the body and object.

McIntosh uses wood as a material to prompt an emotional response to the resonance of space, and specifically the feeling and sensation of being within green landscapes. She captures the changing feeling of space, scale and light when amongst the trees. This sensation can have a powerful and lasting impact and she captures the vibrating and oscillating energy by exploring visual noise. With a background in architecture, she creates spaces by using techniques similar to an architectural model maker. A broad range of skills have been incorporated to create her work, including digital and hand processes.

Ruup & Form is a contemporary crafts and applied art gallery furthering the blurring lines between art and craft, presenting carefully curated collection of effortless aesthetics and unique contemporary crafted objects. We believe craft and design in all its forms demonstrates creativity, ingenuity, and practical intelligence. It contributes to the economic and social wellbeing of communities, connects us to our cultural histories, and is integral to building a sustainable future.

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Photography: Ed Reeve

Photography: Ed Reeve



Naomi McIntosh


Varuna Kaur Kollanethu


Ruup & Form

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Andy Jacobs

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