Abu Dhabi

Formation of Soof

Al-Sadu is a traditional weaving technique practiced by Bedouin women in the United Arab Emirates, using the wool of sheep, camels & goats. This craft, inscribed onto the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding in 2011, will be the centre point of the immersive installation.

Al-Sadu craft is a vital technique in the history of the United Arab Emirates. Inscribed onto the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding in 2011,

Al-Sadu is also important as it was used to create home structures also known as bait al-shaar (Bedouin Tents) that were used as communal living spaces and social spaces for family and visitors.

In addition, the craft of Al-Sadu was also used to decorate the interiors of these tents, as well as with animals through saddle pieces & straps. It is predominantly woven using plain and geometrical patterns inspired by the surrounding environment of the bedouins.

‘Formation of Soof” is an immersive installation that pays tribute to the core materials and tools of Al-Sadu craft: wool (Soof) & the spinner/ spindle (Maghzal or Ghazal). Spinning the wool is a traditional technique used to create the raw wool into yarn balls. The process of spinning is time consuming but also very intimate and hypnotic in its formation process. The pavilion celebrates the importance of the technique and the flow of movement that allows the transformation from a raw soft material into the Sadu textile that is architecturally fundamental to the building of traditional tent structures.

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Curatorial team House of Artisans:

Azza Alsharif

Zeina Barto

Reem Alhosani

Shamma Al Mansoori

Exhibition design:


Giampiero Sanguigni


Fatima Nabeel Alshamsi

Exhibition Conception:

Qasr Al Hosn

Music and Sound Cultures (MaSC)

House of Artisans

Curatorial Team Qasr Alhosn:

Asma Al Maskari

Ayisha Khansaheb

Shamsa Al Ahbabi

Sound Composition:

Safeya Alblooshi

Carlos Guedes

Sound Recording:

Diana Donatella

Maitha Alriyami

Safeya Alblooshi

Juan Sierra

VR Modelling:

Slavica Ceperkovic

Video Director:

Amna Alnowais

Director of Photography:

Waleed Al Madani

Exhibition Design:

Maha Al Hammadi

Graphic Design:

Nada Al Yafei


Mouza Saeed Khamis Al Mehairbi

Afra Saeed Theyab Al Mansoori

Artisans Coordinator:

Malak Al Mansoori

NYUAD Community Outreach
Cultural Sites Management Director:

Salama Al Shamsi

2023 Exhibitors