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Creative Differences

Creative Differences is a collaboration between scientists and designers, working together on the concept of self-shaping matter. While common human approaches seek to eliminate difference, inhomogeneity is nature’s generative mechanism of variety and harmony. Collaboration via differences, in matter and beyond, paves new paths for ideas and developments that will shape our future.

Matter is not always static; matters can morph. Cells divide, leaves grow, octopuses transform, robots reconfigure, bread rises and pasta swells. Once we start to observe the physical world through a lens with both temporal and spatial dimensions, we see a morphing reality.

The Grown, The Made: In nature, morphing has always been critical – it is about growth and survival; a matter of life itself. Along with historical scientific observations, insights and theorems on natural morphing matter, shapeshifting permeated the dreams and fantasies of mythology, folklore, fiction and the human imagination. How can we harness this dynamic potential for the design of our built environment in a world where morphing is no longer unique to nature?

The Hybrid: Automorph is a diverse group of designers, physicists, and architects who are exploring the concept of self-morphing as a paradigm shift in shaping matter toward a more sustainable future. They believe that differences and incompatibilities, traditionally seen as sources of instability, can create unique and original outcomes in our hybridized environment. By learning from nature and studying systems of geometric frustration, Automorph aims to develop self-morphing systems in various materials and scales. In the installation, a self-morphed structure of undulating partitions will evoke different imaginary environments, representing the land, underwater, and urban worlds. These landscapes will be enhanced by video projections of self-shaping systems from nature and from laboratories, highlighting the creative power of well-managed differences in shaping our future.


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Eran Sharon

Benoit Roman

Lining Yao

Antonio de Simone

Arielle Blonder


Arielle Blonder

Exhibition designers:

Ofri Dar

Dominique Peysson


Racah Institute of Physics

HUJI ESPCI-PSL / CNRS / SorbonneU / UParisCité

Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Applied Mathematics, SSSA

2023 Exhibitors