Chaussee 36, Germany

Exploring new creative horizons

Chaussee 36 is a unique design collaboration and restoration project. Located in a former Prussian army officers’ residence in former East Berlin, the renovation of the 1885 historical building was completed in 2021.

The derelict building now functions as a cultural hub housing exhibition spaces, gallery, library, publishing house, workspace, Wellness & Café and apartments that welcome guests, residents and visitors from all over the world.

The restoration was guided by a spirit of preservation and sustainability to highlight as much of the original craftsmanship as possible and involving a multitude of disciplines and crafts: architecture, engineering, city-planning, design, metalwork, textiles, interiors amongst them – often working together on site.

The rooms retrace a century of history and style from 1890 to 1990, including three original pieces of the Berlin Wall displayed on site. This site invites dialogue and creative encounters - laying the ground for renewed collaborations amongst those who visit, in a cycle through time and space.

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Julianne Sibiski

Renaud Vercouter


Eyal Philip Peleg

Natalia Dymkowski


Natalia Dymkowski


Ségolène Mure

Supporting Institution:

Chaussee 36 Photo Foundation

2023 Exhibitors