Dominican Republic

LLAMADA - Calling & TE VEO ME VEO - I see you, I see me

The Dominican Republic shares a conceptual proposal that combines two projects by architect and artist LiLeón focusing on collaborating with our authentic self, building stronger relationships, thus countering discrimination of all kinds, reinforcing that we are all part of evolution.

'LLAMADA - Calling' is inspired by the greeting each human being receives at birth. This is a work in progress and intends to bring us closer to our purpose in life through the calm and even movements of breathing in and out. 'TE VEO, ME VEO - I see you, I see me' is an invitation to engage with others and build relationships with our true selves. It was presented at the 58th Venice Art Biennale in 2019. The interactive installation invites the audience to play on a seesaw that is part of a capsule in the shape of an egg. The act of joining in promotes social inclusion, releases tensions and stimulates the imagination, reconnecting us with our inner child.


Architect and Artist:


Curator and Art Critic:

Roberta Semeraro

Visual Concept:

Lidia León

Roberta Semeraro

Video Editing:

Mario Garcia Haya

Digital Drawings and Digital Editing:

Archlabs UK Ltd

2023 Exhibitors