And beyond

‘And Beyond’ transports visitors from Dubai's ancient camel caravans to the futuristic Emirates Mars Mission Hope Probe, exploring the power of human connection through immersive design and storytelling.

Visitors can experience the evolution of collaboration in Dubai at 'And beyond'. Drawing inspiration of global collaborations, MULA's design juxtaposes two seemingly disparate moments in history, united by the ingenuity of human collaboration.

Upon entering the installation, visitors are immediately immersed in the world of camel caravans, an ancient form of collaboration where people and camels navigated the harsh desert landscapes together. Here, the significance of these caravans span establishing trade routes, fostering cultural exchange, and demonstrating the resilience of human communities.

As the journey continues, the installation guides visitors to the recent and ground-breaking collaboration behind the UAE's Hope Probe, sent to explore Mars. This ambitious project reflects a testament to the power of modern-day collaboration, uniting teams of experts from around the world in pursuit of a shared goal.

Despite the contrasting nature of these collaborations, “And Beyond” reveals a common thread: the sand. As the audience traverse sand dunes, they are greeted with a striking, reflective red mirror overhead, creating the illusion of walking on Mars. This visual connection emphasises the adaptability and enduring spirit of collaboration in the face of changing landscapes and challenges.

'And Beyond' is a celebration of Dubai's rich history and progress and also a powerful reminder of the potential for global collaborations to overcome barriers and achieve the extraordinary. By connecting ancient and futuristic moments of human cooperation, the installation encourages visitors to reflect on the importance of unity, innovation, and shared aspirations.

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Curator and Exhibition Design:

Abdalla Almulla

MULA Design Studio

Design and Content Logistics Advisor

Ab Rogers Design

Administrating and Commissioning Entity

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority


Art Dubai Group

2023 Exhibitors