ETH Zurich, Switzerland

METEORA. A.I. Architecture

METEORA is an architectural design and research practice based at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. bringing artificial intelligence to architecture.

We talk about the beauties and challenges of our world today by playing with the abundance of digital information and creating architectural positions in sync with our time. We see the hyperconnected world today as a planetary garden that gives Nature its share. We celebrate recycling to keep objects and ideas alive.

At the Institute of Digital Architectonics (ETH Zurich) METEORA has been rethinking architectural design through the abundance of digital information.

  • All our projects start with the intelligence of everything.

  • We see the internet as a rich feast full of libraries with exciting objects and ideas.

  • We build our own AI search engines to navigate these libraries, collect what we like, and build our concepts and architectural designs with it. Ask-Alice is our search engine to build new concepts from thousands of books. Panoramas of Cinema is our search engine to curate design ideas from thousands of movies.

  • Remapping, Reusing, Reframing what we find, we develop an architectural position building on a thousand-year-old tradition of reflection and imagination.

We celebrate our hyperconnection to the world.




Adil Bokhari, Jorge Orozco, Katia Ageeva, Marius Oneta, Miro Roman, Samuel Jaccard


The Chair of Digital Architectonics at the Department of Architecture of ETH Zurich, Professor Ludger Hovestadt, ArtTech Foundation


The Department of Architecture [D-ARCH], ETH Zurich

2023 Exhibitors