Inner Peace


An immersive experience and cross-disciplinary collaborative project promoting mindfulness and inner peace.

The Nelson Staircase, an exquisite replica of the Navy Stair that suffered bomb damage in WWII, stands as a symbol of resilience and the significance of peace. The ‘Inner peace’ live performance represents a convergence of ‘Music-mind-textile’, seeking to inspire equity, diversity, and inclusion through an immersive multi-sensory performance.

Using the power of music and interactive textiles, the creators of this installation take their audience on an emotional journey to rediscover peace within humanity, as expounded in the book The future of the mind published in 2014 by theoretical physicist Michio Kaku.

‘Music-mind-textile’ combines smart interactive textiles and musical performance to engage the audience in an immersive display with their feelings and emotions directing both visual and sound effects. Through the connected neural network of individuals, a shared experience is created and expressed through the responsive installation. This captivating collaborative work encourages social engagement with surroundings, merging original music composition with smart-textiles, celebrating neurodiversity and inclusivity.

Using innovative textiles to create a cross-disciplinary data science formation, the project is a collaboration between; Amelia Peng, MA Textiles student at the Royal College of Art; composers and musicians of the Royal College of Music; Foster + Partners’ Specialist modelling group; and Italian textile weaver Dreamlux. With over 10 nationalities working in collaboration, we use design across education and industries to drive innovative progress towards a more inclusive future. The powerful interdisciplinary approach highlights the strength of the intersections between art, design, science and technology.

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Project advisers:

Anne Toomey

Head of Textiles Programme, RCA

Dr. Nick de Leon

Executive Education and Knowledge Exchange Lead, School of Design, RCA 

Dr. Elif Ozden Yenigun

Senior Tutor Textiles, RCA

Dr. Marie O'Mahony

Senior Lecturer, Research, RCA

Rama Gheerawo

Director, The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design

Stephen Johns

Music Artistic Director, RCM

Dr. Jonathan Cole

Head of Music Composition, RCM  

Rosie Green

Specialist Technical Instructor in Woven Textiles, RCA

Joe Hirst 

Sound Studio Tech Instructor, RCA

Pietro Bardini

Specialist Technical Instructor, Physical Computing, RCA

Dimitris Menexopoulos

Visiting Lecturer, Information Experience Design, RCA

Eleni Giannoulis

Clinical Psychologist MSc, Neuropsychologist, Art Psychotherapist MA, Group Analyst (tr.), Creative Arts Therapies' Supervisor, ECPh

Dr. Hermionie Giannouli

Neurologist , Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

Dr. Jamie A Ward

Senior Lecturer, Machine Learning, Goldsmiths University of London

Dr. Marianna Kapsetaki

Medical Doctor, Neuroscientist, PhD Cognitive Neuroscience, Imperial College London

Industry collaborators:

Irene Gallou

Environmental Design Analyst, Senior Partner, Head of Specialist Modelling Group (SMG) Foster+Partners

Josef Musil

Design Systems Analyst(SMG) Foster+Partners

Saina Akhond

Design Systems Analyst Robotics (SMG) Foster+Partners

Yu Hu

Material Researcher (SMG) Foster+Partners

Nicola Agresta

Senior Lighting Designer (SMG) Foster+Partners

Andy Acred

Associate, PhD, MA (Cantab), MEng (SMG) Foster+Partners

Xiaoming Yang

Associate Partner, Environmental Analyst (SMG) Foster+Partners

Aran Sena

Robotics & AI researcher (SMG) Foster+Partners

Antonella Bevilacqua

Acoustician (SMG) Foster+Partners

Tommaso Galbersanini

CEO Dreamlux, Samsara S.r.l.

Veronica Chiappucci

Commercial Back Office, Samsara S.r.l.

Luca Farhanghi

Sales Manager, Lodetex SpA

Simon Van Parijs

Director of Photography

Harris Alvi

Director, Backlight Visuals

Project collaborators:

Isin Eray Eray

MMus Composition for Screen, RCM

Obe Vermeulen

MComp Composition, RCM

Jacques Allen

MMus Composition, RCM

Huan Zhang

MMus Piano Performance, RCM

Monique Pong

Founder of Music Children Foundation(HK), Music Education RCM, Dip Ecole Normale (Paris), Adv.Dip (HKAPA)

Dr. Marianna Kapsetaki

Neuroscientist, Classical Pianist, Imperial College London

Dr. Gelly Gryntaki

Art Writer, Curator

Alisha Raman

MA Architecture, RCA

Évelin Maier

MA Contemporary Art Practice, School of Arts & Humanities

Eloise Stringer

MA Visual Communication, RCA

Abodid Sahoo

MA Digital Direction, RCA

Marina Fraser

Choreographer, Movement Direction, Performer

Amalia Pop

Cinematography, DoP, MA Filmmaking, London Film Academy

Hristina Tasheva

Focus Puller, MA Filmmaking, London Film Academy

Gurnihal Singh

Gaffer, MA Filmmaking, London Film Academy

Coraline Miloudi


Project Curation & Artistic Designer:

Amelia Peng

2023 Exhibitors