Out of Joint

Responding to themes of societal disorientation, the Dutch pavilion is an ever-changing site-specific installation distributed throughout Somerset House to support moments of gathering, assembly and reflection among other participants.

To be disorientated is to lose one’s bearings in the space one inhabits. While this is most often a bodily sensation, many have experienced a similar feeling of unease over the past few years in adapting to the new narratives, attitudes and frictions that have arisen in the face of global crisis. Taking the biennale and its venue as a site of global representation, the Dutch pavilion aims to manifest a process of disorientation and reorientation as a site-specific installation of commissioned fragments to be scattered throughout the space of Somerset House. As ambiguous forms that can be reinterpreted and recontextualised, each fragment will be offered to other pavilions and communal spaces as potential new anchor points for facilitating moments of gathering, discussion and reorientation. Thus, through the dissolution of the Dutch Pavilion, new relationships and narratives might be formed.

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Colin Keays


Aric Chen, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands in the United Kingdom

General and Artistic Director, Nieuwe Instituut

Project Lead:

Francien van Westrenen

Head of Agency, Nieuwe Instituut

Programme manager:

Joyce Hanssen

Nieuwe Instituut


Reineke Otten

Nieuwe Instituut

Assistant producer

Lara Ippolito

Nieuwe Instituut


Leonard van Hout

Nieuwe Instituut

Moetoesingi Schmidt

Nieuwe Instituut

2023 Exhibitors