Natural Synthesis

‘Natural Synthesis’ invites visitors into a classic Nigerian courtyard scene to contemplate the nature of collaboration and conflict. This tactile pavilion presents an innovative collection of hand moulded fibreglass lounge chairs, exploring an intercontinental exchange between two great natural systems: the Amazon and the Sahara.

Inspired by the natural environment of Nigeria, ‘Natural Synthesis’ interrogates ideas of interdependence, conflict and difference. At the centre of the pavilion lies an extraordinary intercontinental encounter between the Sahara and the Amazon: two natural phenomena, two vast expanses of terrain, two spaces of great regional and international consequence.

In this magnificent confrontation lies a hidden exchange, as the desert sands of Sahara provide a critical contribution to the mineral composition of the Amazon. Despite their contrasting natures often concealed from the naked eye, the two systems are interdependent and crucial to many native lifeforms.

The surrounding furniture is strongly influenced by arthropodal forms and biomimicry as they isolate moments of conflict, melding it into timeless sculpture. Techniques used to make the artefacts include rammed earth and hand moulding.

‘Natural Synthesis’ is an ideological statement, a call to action for the unity of a diverse nation who together form Africa’s largest population. The project implores the visitor to find ways to foster interethnic collaboration and pursue prosperous communal development in a contemporary hybrid society. The pavilion is asking the questions of how, despite having many differences, humans can find a way forward in collaborating.

‘Natural Synthesis’ is the product of The Nigerian Design Group LTD - a collaborative non-for-profit whose purpose is to promote Nigerian Art and Design as a means of fostering national unity, collective identity and prosperity.


Designer & Curator:

Omotunwase Osinaike


Chukwuzulum Elumogo

Adewunmi Adegbola


Patrons of The Nigerian Design Group

2023 Exhibitors