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Stung by the global impact of the pandemic and with the climate crisis now a very real threat to human life, it is so easy to feel gloomy and disillusioned about the future. But why does the future need to feel scary and discombobulating?

What if we rip up the rule book on what’s possible and redesign the future we want? PlasticFree define themselves as the world’s first and only materials intelligence platform – empowering the creative industry to create a new future.

Aimed at the 160 million global creatives, PlasticFree aims to be the single, trusted destination to learn about and discover new materials and circular system change.

From showcasing a library of certified plastic free materials to demonstrating how these new materials work in practice, from inspiring content to scientifically supported data, the platform will provide the tools to educate and empower the design community to move industry forward and create a better world.

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