Saudi Arabia


‘Woven’ is a collaborative installation where the future is interwoven with the fabric of humanity. Originating in the delicate hands of powerful women in the Arabian desert practising the artisanship of Al Sadu – the ‘Saddayah’ weaves humble materials into textiles.

The installation simulates the artisanship of Al Sadu – a traditional weaving technique performed by women using a simple and portable loom before which they gather to socialise, work together, and alternate roles to support each other.

Al Sadu has gained a cultural and social importance that has extended beyond the world of textile weaving to inspire the activities of many different fields. Considered a female-driven art movement, the practice of Al Sadu is part of a material culture and vernacular architecture with the core intention of providing shelter.

‘Woven’ is a representation of Saudi Arabia’s welcoming nature, inviting the visitor to invest in building a better future for humanity. By collaboratively designing the textile on display throughout the Biennale, visitors contribute to ‘weaving the future’. Each thread represents a different avenue of development and possibility. See how the organic pattern builds and progresses throughout the exhibition.

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Designers and Curators:

Ruba Alkhaldi

Lojain Rafaa


Saudi Ministry of Culture, Architecture and Design Commission

2023 Exhibitors