South Korea

Virtuous Garden

Can we live harmoniously and sustainably in this age of globalisation? Design from past traditions can help to bridge the gap between humans, nature and the modern and future world by following the principles of balance, coexistence and collaboration. Visitors will be transported through time and distance to the ‘Virtuous Garden’ via the modern means of virtual and mixed reality.

During the conception of traditional gardens in Korea, people were regarded as part of a larger natural cycle. Gardens and nature were frequented by scholars whilst considering the larger quandaries and dilemmas relating to morals and humanity. By retreating to nature, they were able to seek inspiration.

Mixed Reality (MR) can bridge the gap between the physical and the virtual, between legacy and the future. Visitors will get the chance to experience an immersive pavilion where they are surrounded by non-human protagonists in the ‘Virtuous Garden’ where MR will present these concepts within a dedicated exhibition space. 

An installation of a traditional Korean pavilion will form the physical element in the project. Here, audiences will be able to sit or lie down for their retreat while listening to Geomungo music and watching the film Shadow of the bamboo. Inside the pavilion will be a floor made of reclaimed wood, showcasing physical and virtual platforms for ecological inspiration within a circular economy, reusing waste and minimising resources.

The map of ‘Virtuous Garden’ recalls Korean gardens from 500 years ago and the virtual elements of the design bring Korean nature to the heart of London. Imagine a pavilion within a pavilion, a culture within a culture, life within life, human within nature, coexisting, interdependent and collaborating.

In a world where everyone is seeking new and inventive ways to remember our heritage and upgrade methods to make them more sustainable, the value of this design is to establish the “new traditional” response to heritage and craftsmanship for the next generation.

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Karen Chang

President, H Collaboration LTD

Jung Jīn Song

Creative director, H Collaboration LTD

Hye Chang

Exhibition director, H Collaboration LTD


Jina Chun 

Geomungo musician


Dong Hyun Lee

3D artist

Cio Park

Video artist


Dijun Sha


2023 Exhibitors