Visible Shop

The Taiwan Pavilion celebrates the territory as a trade hub and an important part of the world’s manufacturing supply chain. Despite being a small island, the unique location and geographical characteristics of Taiwan have been a vital aspect for the collaboration of industries, particularly during the hard times of the pandemic.

Taiwan is a small island that relies heavily on exports. It is located at the junction of Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia and at the boundary between two tectonic plates. Its geographical location and technological capabilities have made Taiwan an indispensable part of the global manufacturing supply chain.

Taiwan's industrial clusters are located near each other, and the short supply chain economy demonstrated great operational advantages during the pandemic. In addition, Taiwan's manufacturing industry overlaps with its residential areas, creating a lively energy in its complex landscape.

Through the creation of a ‘Visual Shop’, the Taiwan pavilion celebrates the territory’s unique economy of small and medium-sized enterprises, which are full of vitality, movement and creativity. Including a metal supply area and ‘workshop,’ the installation showcases the collaborative nature of industries in Taiwan which are all individual and depict the diversity of the location.

Taiwan, located on the Tropic of Cancer, boasts some of the most abundant natural resources in the world. The subtropical climate has cultivated an optimistic nature in the Taiwanese people, and the bottom-up industrial structure has also given Taiwan a lively social atmosphere. As a highly democratic region in Asia, Taiwan's unique landscape of freedom can be seen from its legalization of same-sex marriage, high proportion of female leaders, and abundant design energy and inventiveness.


Official Organiser:

Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan

Supported by:

Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

Executive Organiser:

Taiwan Design Research Institute


Ling-Li Tseng

Serendipity Studio


Ling-Li Tseng

Serendipity Studio

Chia-Shu Wang

Serendipity Studio

Hsien Chen

Serendipity Studio

Chung-Han Yao

Loudly Lightning Studio

Jui-Pin Tseng

Loudly Lightning Studio

Ling-Wei Chang

Loudly Lightning Studio

Industry-Academy Cooperation:

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Video Production:

BlackBird Imagine Studio

Visual Illustrator:

Xiang-Xin Wan


WiseChip Semiconductor Inc.

MEAN WELL Enterprises Co., Ltd.

2023 Exhibitors