The European Union Delegation to the United Kingdom

The New European Bauhaus

‘The New European Bauhaus’ is a movement that facilitates and steers the transformation of European societies along three inseparable values: sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion.

With a goal of delivering the European Green Deal, a package of policy initiatives that strives to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent, ‘The New European Bauhaus’ is taking the approach and aesthetics of a well-known 1919 movement as inspiration. Founded by German architect Walter Gropius, Bauhaus aimed for creative unity while embracing collaboration across different disciplines. As radical as the concept was, ‘The New European Bauhaus’ aims to build a greener future by promoting a lifestyle that combines sustainability and style, and encouraging people to embed this into their daily lives.

‘The New European Bauhaus’ is also a project of capacity-building and resilience, endowed with tools and responses to a broad range of current challenges, including Russia’s war in Ukraine.

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Creative Team:

Dr Federico Bianchi

Zita Storring

Organising Institutions:

European Union Delegation to the United Kingdom

New European Bauhaus, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

2023 Exhibitors