OpenWork I Açık Yapıt

‘OpenWork I Açık Yapıt’ is a performative space and a theatrical exhibition of transitions. Shaped around the metaphors of a ‘gate’ and ‘liminality’, it plays with the meaning of these concepts, which have been the representations of power, setting borders and social hierarchy throughout world history.

The world is at an important threshold and moment of transformation, and while thresholds have been a symbol of enlightenment throughout history, in recent years they have turned into defining borders and gates and have thrown the planet into a mess. Humanity is at a threshold again, and the Türkiye pavilion is focusing awareness of this.

In ‘OpenWork’, visitors have control of a gated exhibition. Themes of displacement and exchange are explored via abstract and metaphorical ‘gates’ and ‘liminality’ that are created by the resonating audible surfaces. Just like an instrument, they turn the installation into a game of ‘exchange’ with the touch of the visitor.

A monumental spatial arrangement allows for interactivity, reversing meanings, and allowing for human decision making. This ‘game’ is also a soft protest and a gentle question mark to the new world that is established and being formed today.

The installation intends to blur the lines between visitor, installation, ground, time, power and boundaries. These represent changing power dynamics and deconstruction of rigid structures in society. Through this experimental game, visitors can experience an unpredictable union and a new reality.

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Photo by Iona Wolff


Designer and Curator:

Melek Zeynep Bulut

Artist & Architect

Acoustics and Architectural Consultant:

Celâleddin Çelik

Artist & Architect

Structural Project:

Mehmet Selim Ökten

Civil Engineer (Ph.D.)

Erdem Kâzım Demirkıran

Structural Engineer (M.SC.)

Emrah Bural

Structural Engineer

Industrial Designer and Project Assistant:

Asude Nur Sancaktutan

Industrial Designer

Lighting Project:

Lab1 Lighting Design

Main Sponsor:


Commercial Banking Company

With The Contribution Of:

Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Transportation Sponsor:

Turkish Cargo

2023 Exhibitors