LDB Forum

LDB Forum: Design collaborations with displaced people

20 Jun 2023 13:00 - 14:00 King's College London, access via the River Terrace

Bidi Bidi Refugee Music & Arts Centre: Empowerment through collaborative design, culture and arts

To mark International Refugee Week and World Refugee Day, humanitarian organisations and individuals with lived experience of displacement will discuss how design can support and work with global refugee communities from armed conflicts and climate stresses.

Bidi Bidi Music & Arts Centre in northern Uganda’s Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement aims to reframe the narrative around what it means to be a refugee. Hear from the interdisciplinary team behind the project led by to.org, a platform operating in venture capital, philanthropy and the creative space, in collaboration with international architecture practice Hassell, Kampala design studio LocalWorks, and global engineers Arup.

Music and dance programming at Bidi Bidi Music & Arts Centre is being developed with multimedia music project Playing for Change and others including Ugandan and international musicians and dance crews, and will be operated by SINA Loketa in collaboration with Bidi Bidi refugee instructors and administrators.


  • Dr Rachael-Heath Ferguson, to.org 

  • Mawa Zacharia Erezenio, SINA Loketa

  • Xavier De Kestelier, Hassell 

  • Hayley Gryc, Arup

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