LDB Sessions

Threads of mindful innovation

8 Jun 2023 13:00 - 14:00 The Screening Room

In today's fast-paced and demanding world, the importance of promoting mindfulness, celebrating neurodiversity and improving mental health cannot be overstated. Recognising this need is the groundbreaking collaborative project, Music-Mind-Textile, brought to you by the Inner Peace pavilion which threads together multidisciplinary explorations of material innovation and neuroaesthetics to create a more peaceful inner world.

How can we design inclusive environments using smart textiles, data science and brain research to transform lives and promote a more compassionate society? Join leading experts in neuroscience and art therapy from the Royal College of Art and Foster+Partners as they discuss the potential therapeutic benefits of combining innovative music and textile design. 

The Inner Peace pavilion aims to harness the unique therapeutic qualities of music and textiles to create a transformative experience that benefits individuals of all backgrounds, fosters personal well-being and empowers neurodiverse individuals.


  • Anne Toomey, Head of Textiles Programme, Royal College of Art

  • Irene Gallou, Head of Specialist Modelling Group (SMG), Foster+Partners

  • Rama Gheerawo, Director, The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art

  • Moderator: Victoria Broackes, Director, London Design Biennale

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