LDB Sessions

Spatial Practices of Feminine Care (Confabulations)

16 Jun 2023 11:00 - 12:30 Care Pavilion, Mezzanine, Somerset House

11:00-12:30 - Aslıhan Şenel and Bihter Almaç

How could feminine care spaces of traditional hammams provide us new imaginations for nurturing mutual care among human and non-human bodies? How and where do women, especially those belong to minority communities in London, nurture mutual care? The first part of this confabulation session will invite acknowledgement of these questions through making and storytelling.

The second part of the confabulation session is a conversation of three and many, a reflection in the imagination where the critical response to the fluctuating bodies of care shapes its trajectories.

Part of the Fluctuating Bodies of Care programme presented by the Care Pavilion.

Fluctuating Bodies of Care re-imagines hammam as a feminine care space and offers architectural gestures that urge intimacies between subjects and objects of design through a wet and hot undoing of architecture, which includes stories around spatial practices of feminine care, liquefaction of architecture, and sticky and slippery contacts between materials and bodies.

Initiator: Aslıhan Şenel and Bihter Almaç
Installation and film by Aslıhan Şenel and Bihter Almaç
Project Assistants: Nazlı Giriftinoğlu, Seray Rusçuklu, Büşra Balaban
Performers: Seçil Yatan Gül, Gamze Yılmazel, Başak Akın
Project Advisor: Ayşe Başkurt

Care Pavilion, no special booking needed