LDB Sessions

The Oracle of All Beings (Performance)

7 Jun 2023 14:00 - 17:00 Care Pavilion, Embankment, Somerset House

2:00-5:00pm - Dr Keir Williams

Explore the intersection of technology, ecology, and empathy at the Oracle of All Beings installation, designed to promote environmental awareness and reimagine care for a healthier, sustainable world.

Engage with a unique AI-powered experience at the Care Pavilion and reflect on our connection with nature.

Part of the Sympoeisis programme presented by the Care Pavilion.

We need new ways of being with one another - glimpses of liberatory abolitionist futures that show that other ways are possible. Sympoeisis explores care through practices of knowing and being: from the myths and ceremonies that have allowed people and the more than human world to converse over millenia to care as an act of renewal and resistance. Sympoiesis is a space for wild ideas, for deep listening – a place to ‘make-with’ other life-forms.

Initiator: Felipe Viveros and The Bonita Chola

Sound installation composed by Love Ssega, The Bonita Chola, Marco Perry, Carl Golembeski & Felipe Viveros

Music composed by Love Ssega, Marco Perry & Carl Golembeski

Care Pavilion, no special booking needed